June 25, 2021

Flashback Friday

The week that was

Flashback Friday

Here's the week that was, in photos that did and did not make it onto my social media.

Much raw milk cheese was made

Now that Lucy and Elaine's kids aren't nursing so much, the ladies are giving me almost 3L a day and that's more than we can drink. So yogurt and cheesemaking has really ramped up.

I'm still very much in the learning and experimenting stage with David Asher's "guerilla" approach to traditional (i.e., non-industrial) cheesemaking--no pre-packaged cultures or hypersterilization, just reliance on good quality, pastured raw milk and the magic that naturally occurring microbiota do. Sometimes it works amazingly (the chevre), sometimes I could do better (the mozzarella is a bit too fermented).  

The herd is happy with our regular visits to Wudangshan

The back pasture that we used to call "the golf course" is currently unfenced, so only supervised visits are made. But everyone appreciates the long grass and its serene beauty. I take so many photos when we are up there I often forget to share most of them.

Local wildlife

Sometimes we are so focused on the animals we care for, we almost miss the animals all around us on their own. The Luna moth was found deceased, sadly, but on the other hand I am never awake late enough to see a live one flying around.

Looking for more? Check out the video companion to this post.