All things great and fowl. Chickens. Guineas. Turkeys. So much to learn about and from these tiny dinosaurs.

The barefoot veterinarian. Contemporary veterinary medicine is incredible, but not every problem requires the big guns. Low cost, low tech, low intervention approaches to minor injuries and ailments can often be extremely effective. Supporting animals in healing themselves doesn't always mean buying more stuff.

The bookmark. An irregular roundup of bookmark-worthy tweets, old and new, tagged according to subject in hopes this my best chance at creating a usable archive.

The body in the mind. Not unruly flesh nor a machine subject to the command of a non-corporeal mind, our bodies *are* ourselves.

Digital youth. Changes in how we store and share information have always resulted in major cultural impacts.  Print, telecommunications, and now the digital revolution have each spawned a new worldview that is easiest to recognize among the young.

Explication du tweet. Mining the better part of my twitter archive for some bon mots. What was I thinking when I tweeted that?

Embodied in nature. Reacquainting ourselves with the corporeal is a lesson in interdependence. There are no individuals. Even our own bodies is that we are more microbial community than human cells. There are communities and ecosystems.

Health in a digital age.

Hoof health demystified. If you care for horses, understanding their feet is essential.

In praise of the older athlete.  Maybe we don’t quite know what older athletes are really capable of because not a lot of energy has gone into finding out.

Know your local farmer, Lanark edition

Of forceps and folios. Most scholars are already revising their dissertation into their first book as they leave their PhD defense. Bucking the trend, I'm serializing mine here. And adding multimedia! Learn all about the wacky world of 18th-century male medical practitioners desperately trying to justify their unseemly interest in women's privates. (Don't worry, it was mostly about the money).

Re-imagining athleticism. Who gets to be a "real" athlete and who doesn't? Is athleticism purely about the ideal of maximal performance, or is there room for a more expansive and nuanced conception in today's world?

Row to ride. The biomechanics of balance, on bike, on horseback, in a rowing shell.

Rowers of a certain age. Sometimes the rowing world forgets that Masters is a competitive category, and not just shorthand for “old people rowing.”

Rowing for ordinary mortals.

Rowing like a girl